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Turbosmart Vee Port Pro Blow Off Valve Black

Turbosmart Vee Port Pro Blow Off Valve Black

SKU: TBS TS-0205-1131

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Features and Specifications
Features the unique variable exhaust port system, resulting in superior venting of excess

pressure, a popular choice for the street. Sleeper Series Features:Aimed at the rapidly

growing number of enthusiasts who prefer their performance accessories to be

inconspicuous, the Sleeper Series is designed to blend into an engine bay without attracting

any unwanted attention. Anodised in a super-smooth black, the Sleeper Series comprise of
Blow-Off Valves, Boost Controllers and Waste Gates.Turbosmart has launched an extensive

National promotional campaign to promote the Sleeper Series. Involving leading automotive

performance magazines, retail outlets and point of sale displays, it's bound to catch attention

of the discerning buyer. Sleeper Series Pictures

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