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Tomei Equal Length Exhaust Manifold

Tomei Equal Length Exhaust Manifold

SKU: TOM 193105

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Features and Specifications

Tomei Exhaust products are being used all over the world and are well known for their performance gains, unique designs, fabrication quality and value for money. They designed these headers to be in a 4-2-1 layout with 42.7mm, 45.0mm and 60.0mm sizes respectively. They did this in order to extract the absolute maximum from your EJ turbine with the equal length design. These manifolds are manufactured using a Lost Wax process designed to eliminate cracking from welded weak points and for aiding smoother exhaust gas flow without any interference. Using 2.5mm thick pipes made from SUS304 stainless steel ensure you are getting one of the best pieces on the market today.


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