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Tial Wastegate Spring Large Blue

Tial Wastegate Spring Large Blue


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Features and Specifications
These TiAL Wastegate Springs are for use in TiAL F38, F40, F41, V44, F46, and V60

wastegates. All TiAL wastegate springs are constructed from 17-7 PH Stainless Steel which

is capable of maintaining consistent pressures up to 900 Deg F (483 Deg C). Please see

the information below to decide which spring(s) you need for your application. The boost

pressures are approximations from TiAL based on equal intake and exhaust manifold

pressures, results will vary slightly for different applications. Higher pressure settings will

require the use of both small and large diameter springs working together. In these dual

spring setups the resultant pressure is equal to the sum of the individual springs.

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