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Tial Blow Off Valve Spring White

Tial Blow Off Valve Spring White


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Features and Specifications
TiAL Blow Off Valve Springs are designed to work in all of their blow off valve models
including the BV 50mm, Alpha Q, Q and QR valves. You should select the BOV spring

pressure rating based on your engine's vacuum reading at idle, once the engine has reached

operating temperature. However, the pressure ratings will vary depending on the model blow

off valve you have, so please reference the chart below to ensure you are purchasing the

correct spring for your application. The green spring should only be used on supercharged

vehicles, on quick spooling turbos the valve can actually open briefly before raching the

manifold, dumping the boost. TiAL® Blow Off Valves need a 1/4" inner diameter source that

is direct to the manifold, smaller lines and additional T-fittings can cause delays in response


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