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REVEL VLS Voltage Gauge 52mm

The Revel VLS voltage gauge monitors voltage levels from 8 volts up to 18 volts.
The Revel VLS voltage gauge monitors voltage levels from 8 volts up to 18 volts. The OLED screen allows for easy readings from any viewing angle, and a 30 LED outer ring for viewing at a quick glance. The Revel VLS Voltage gauge is daisy-chain compatible with the VLS Boost gauge, VLS Water Temperature gauge, VLS Oil Temperature gauge, and VLS Oil Pressure gauge. This requires only one source of power for the first gauge in the series and utilizing the included daisy chain cable to power other gauges. This allows for a clean installation that avoids having many cables connected to a power source. Maximum comfort is attained by the use of an OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) numerical display. When compared to a traditional LCD display, the OLED display provides sharper contrast resulting in a deeper black for a crisp, clear images that is easier to read at a glance. The technology also allows for undistorted viewing angles approaching 170 degrees. The OLED display also does not require a backlight to be clearly visible at night, which gives the slim profile of the gauge — perfect for mounting in areas where space is an issue. All Revel VLS gauges include the necessary hardware, sensors, and universal mounting pod and hood, as well as the installation instructions Features 2 1/16 in. (52mm) diameter gauge 8 Volts to 18 Volts reading Digital OLED display 30 LED outer ring Daisy chain compatible Mounting kit included
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