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SubiSpeed USDM F1 Style Rear Fog Light - 2015+ WRX / 2015+ STI / 2013+ Crosstrek

SubiSpeed USDM F1 Style Rear Fog Light - 2015+ WRX / 2015+ STI / 2013+ Crosstrek

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Features and Specifications
This is the first complete lamp assembly for the 2015 WRX / STI that SubiSpeed is offering. This also works with the 2013+ Crosstrek. With a little work, we were able to develop a USDM F1 style rear fog lamp for this platform. It is produced in the same factory that the JDM version is manufactured, however it is built to our USDM specifications.

Since US vehicles lacked the rear fog light from the factory, they require additional wiring and mounting brackets vs JDM vehicles. Everything is included with this product.

As a bonus vs the stock Subaru rear fog, the brake function blinks quickly before becoming solid. This is what gives the lamp it's "F1 Style" name.

Version 2 Update

SubiSpeed Install Video


All LEDs are red.

Smoked - Smoked lens with matte black reflector

Chrome - Clear lens with chrome reflector

Red with Clear Lens - Clear lens with cherry red reflector

Red with Red Lens - Red lens with cherry red reflector

Black with Clear Lens - Clear lens with matte black reflector


Version 2 allows for a normal brake light OR F1 style brake light. There are a few ways this light can be setup:

F1 Style Brake Light Only

Normal Brake Light Only (V2 feature)

Rear Fog Light Only

F1 Style Brake Light + Rear Fog Light

Normal Brake Light + Rear Fog Light (V2 feature)

Important: For our USDM model the brake light function IS brighter than the fog light function in this model. This makes it clear to other drivers whether or not you are braking or not.

Preview Video

This video does not reflect the improvements made to the USDM lamp once it went into full production as mentioned above.

OPTIONAL Fog Light Wiring Splitter / Extension

If you want to wire this so that it only comes on with the fog lights you'll find yourself using a pretty long run of wire.

We've made a quick connect kit which will split the wires to the passenger side fog light. Just run the wire under the driver's side fender liner, into the vehicle, and along the door sills back to the trunk of the vehicle. The insulated connectors will be placed on the F1 light harness and extension. Just connect them together and you'll have a functioning rear fog light.

Includes splitter and extension with two pairs of connectors. The plug for the female end is not pre-attached so that the wires can easily be run through grommets in the firewall area. To purchase this addition, click here.

OPTIONAL Plug and Play Harness

This harness speeds up the install process. The stock wiring harness in the WRX / STI can be hard to crimp as the area is tight. Also owners who wish to return their setup to stock at any point and time can do so easily with this harness.

The harness has OEM style connectors on both ends which allows you to install this in-line with the factory wiring. 3 extensions allow you to connect the aftermarket fog / F1 lights.

Black - Ground (-)

Red - Parking / Running Light (+)

Yellow - Brake Light (+)

To purchase this addition, click here.


F1 Style Fog Light Assembly

Mounting Hardware

Wiring Harness with Connectors

Fog Light Wiring Splitter / Extension (optional)


Does installation require removal of the bumper cover?

The bumper cover does not need to be removed in order to install this product. Simply undo the fasteners at the bottom of the bumper cover so you can gain enough access to knock out the factory plastic cap.

We highly recommend covering the lens of the new fog light casing with painter's tape or something similar during installation. This will prevent scratches while you maneuver it into position.

Which wires would I plug it into?

Our video will help your through the installation process. However, for reference, the OEM tail light wiring is as follows:

Black Wire - Negative aka Ground (wire to black on the new harness)

Black Wire w/ White Stripe - Fog Light Positive (wire to red on the new harness)

Brown Wire - Brake Light Positive (wire to yellow on the new harness)

If you use the fog light extension harness, the negative and fog light wires will be supplied by that harness. You will only use the OEM tail light harness for the brown wire (brake light positive).

You can wire the lamp as a solid brake light only. You would do this by connecting the fog light wire (red) on the lamp to the brown wire on the OEM brake light wire (brown). It would be dimmer than the F1 style lamp though.

Is a flashing brake light allowed?

While many states allow brake lights that flash and then turn solid, some do not. Please refer to your local laws pertaining to this feature.

It is not required that you hook up the brake light wiring. You can run the product as a rear fog light only.

This Part Fits

2013+ Subaru Crosstrek SubiSpeed USDM F1 Style Rear Fog Light

2015-2017 Subaru STI SubiSpeed USDM F1 Style Rear Fog Light

2015-2017 Subaru WRX SubiSpeed USDM F1 Style Rear Fog Light

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