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Subaru 75W90 High Performance Gear Oil

Subaru 75W90 High Performance Gear Oil

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Features and Specifications
This OEM Subaru 75w90 GL5 fluid will work in any Subaru that requires 75w90 fluid in their transmissions and differentials.

WRX 6MT: 3.5 US Quarts (3.3 Liters, 2.9 Imperial Quarts)

WRX Rear Differential (all): 0.8 US Quarts (0.8 Liters, 0.7 Imperial Quarts)

STI 6MT: 4.3 US Quarts (4.1 Liters, 3.6 Imperial Quarts)

STI Rear Differential: 1.1 US Quarts (1.0 Liter, 0.9 Imperial Quarts)

BRZ - 4L required to change transmission and differential.

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