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SteamSpeed STX 67+ Turbo

SteamSpeed STX 67+ Turbo


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Features and Specifications
If you're looking for that turbocharger that will help you hit that 350-400WHP target,

then the Steamspeed STX 67 8CM²will help you reach your goals. This turbocharger

bolts right into the stock location, and will deliver the power needed to make up to 400

WHP without having to resort to a rotated kit where additional fabrication for exhaust

components and intake pipes are required.

Steamspeed utilizes the latest available technology and designing methods to develop a

turbocharger that is powerful, and reliable. The features include a custom made billet

11-blade compressor wheel, and a low-inertia 9-blade turbine that provides improved

transient boost response, and better peak power potential when compared to other

turbochargers of similar sizing.

Steamspeed's turbochargers also feature a thrust bearing that is CHRA built to handle

high boost numbers for high power applications., An adjustable wastegate spring is

included to help users hit the target boost numbers.

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