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Red Bull Orange Edition 12oz Energy Drink

Red Bull Orange Edition 12oz Energy Drink

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Features and Specifications
Since the Red Bull Silver Edition has been depleted, we have replenished our shelves, refrigerators, and desk with flavors such as the Orange Edition. This sweet but not overly sweet tangerine taste keeps up typing away out our keyboards, putting new products on our sites, answering customer service e-mails, and slapping parts on our vehicle for Youtube videos!

Maybe one day we'll rate installs by the number of Red Bulls you need to get through it...


Same wings, different taste. The Red Bull Orange Edition is a functional beverage that combines the boost of a Red Bull Energy Drink with the sweet taste of tangerine.

Caffeine, Taurine, B-Group Vitamins, Sucrose & Glucose, Alpine Water.

Red Bull Orange Edition is perfect when you are in need of a boost.

If you crave a sweet tangerine taste, the Red Bull Orange Edition is for you.

Red Bull Energy Drink's effects have been recognized worldwide by top athletes, busy professionals, college students, travelers on long journeys, and some car geeks.

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