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PERRIN Manual Boost Controller

PERRIN Manual Boost Controller


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Features and Specifications
The PERRIN Manual Boost Controller is a simple inline device that allows you to set your

desired boost level with a few simple twists of the body. Applicable to most all

turbocharged vehicles.

Easily adjusted by hand, the “twist-to-adjust” body simply shortens or lengthens to alter

the spring pressure on the metering ball. This simple design only uses 5 parts and

doesn't require any special tools to make adjustments. At the heart of the PERRIN

Manual Boost Controller is the Ball and Spring. The spring holds pressure against the

metering ball, closing off boost pressure from reaching the turbochargers waste gate.

Once the pressure builds to your desired setting the spring begins to collapse, the

metering ball lifts and lets pressure through to the waste gate actuator limiting boost

levels. The PERRIN Manual Boost Controller incorporates a custom wound progressive

rate spring and a ceramic metering ball for it's lighter weight and ultra smooth surface

insuring the fastest response possible.

The PERRIN Manual Boost Controller has a precision machined bleed hole that reduces

the falling type boost curve that plague other boost controllers. This "tuned" bleed hole

compensates for the added volume of air flow as RPM's increase and ensures a fast

response as you approach your peak boost setting. This is a major advantage in the

PERRIN design and allows their boost controller to be more consistent and perform

better in all applications.

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