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Perrin Boost Tube Kit Red Piping Black Couplers

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PERRIN boost tubes are CNC mandrel bent from aluminum tubing for better weight reduction.
PERRIN boost tubes are CNC mandrel bent from aluminum tubing for better weight
reduction. Every boost tube has an oversized beaded end to ensure the hose clamps and
couplers stay connected and sealed! They choose to take the smoothest shortest path to
get air to and from the intercooler. Tubes are available in a Black or Red wrinkle powder
coat for a long lasting durable finish that looks good in any engine bay.

Right off the turbo a smooth offset coupler carries the hot side air charge to a perfectly
matched 2.25” boost tube. Perrin chose 2.25" tubing for a smoother, cleaner, obstruction
free routing while still being large enough to flow more WHP than most turbos can put
out. The air charge then is routed through the engine bay next to the battery, and down
behind the radiator to the intercooler. The cold side boost tubes are mounted as high as
possible in the engine compartment to clear all turbo and intake combinations as it travels
to the throttle body through the engine bay.

PERRIN Performance silicone couplers are standard with PERRIN intercooler kits.
PERRIN couplers are fiberglass fortified with smooth inner walls for long lasting high
strength and smooth air flow. Available in glossy black and red.

PERRIN Performance T-bolt clamps are standard on PERRIN intercoolers. They are
designed for uniform clamping at all points around the band. The wider band distributes
the force over a larger area and the fine threaded bolts with nylon lock nuts allow for
accurate torque and proper clamping. Never worry about having to re-tighten down the
road, plus each PERRIN logo-ed clamp is made in the USA and has the torque spec
engraved on each one. Advantage PERRIN!

The PERRIN front mount intercooler kit includes a PERRIN Performance coolant overflow
tank. It adds clearance for better boost tube routing, holds more coolant than previous
designs and uses the OEM tank cap for a great seal! The PERRIN Performance coolant
overflow tank is protected from the elements by a black texture powder coating. It looks
great and makes the silk screened logo pop.

This boost tube kit is only for use with Perrin front mount intercoolers.
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