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PERRIN Cold Air Intake BigMAF Black

The PERRIN Performance intake system places the air filter behind the front bumper, away from the hot exhaust header and radiator to constantly draw cool fresh air.
Features :
  • Perfect cold air bath
  • Add 5 wheel HP to your car
  • Add a throaty, deep sound
  • Safe to use on any car
  • Powder coated for protection against the elements
  • Available in black or red texture powder coating
  • Constructed from CNC mandrel bent aluminum tubing
  • Foam filter elements for extending the life of your vehicle
  • Backed by 5 year warranty
  • Off-road use only

  • Big MAF Textured Black Cold Air Intake System (PSP-INT-331BK) by PERRIN Performance®. Filter Color: Black. Tube Finish: Textured Black. System Type: Cold Air Intakes. Add horsepower and style under your hood with the PERRIN cold air intake. The PERRIN intake has been designed with precise MAF alignment and tubing size to maintain proper air fuel ratios, eliminate engine bogging and prevent check engine lights that plague competitive systems.
    The first most important reason to buy an intake is to add more power to your car. The PERRIN intake system went through many test versions before it was settled on the current shape and form which simply made more horsepower and eliminated those irritating check engine lights, or other drivability issues. During normal, part throttle, driving the PERRIN intake sounds relatively stock, but under load it really comes to life adding a throaty, deep growl, demanding attention and alerting people that your car is undeniably modified. PERRIN Performance intakes go through many versions and months of testing to ensure safe Air Fuel Ratios that are within the limits of the engine.
    PERRIN Performance intake systems place the air filter behind the front bumper, away from the hot exhaust manifold and radiator to constantly draw cool fresh air. Precise MAF bung placement is the key to the PERRIN intakes power. If an intake isn't designed properly, it can cause the car to run dangerously lean, leading to engine failures and premature wear. Powder coated for protection against the elements, the textured finish will look awesome for years to come. The PERRIN Cold Air Intake is available in black or red texture powder coating.
    Constructed from CNC mandrel bent aluminum tubing, the PERRIN intake system features smooth bends and a perfectly placed CNC machined MAF bung. A performance "pinch" in the tubing, just below the PERRIN logo allows the PERRIN intake to pass through the engine bay without any cutting or trimming. PERRIN Performance intake filter elements use open cell foam to capture dust and dirt. Washable and reusable, PERRIN foam filter elements extend the life of your vehicle. Foam filter elements offer superior performance with minimal airflow restriction and amazing dust holding capacity.
    Perrin Performance® is a pioneer in premium quality products for the aftermarket industry. Striving to foster innovative technology along with the use of traditional crafts, Perrin hits the sweet spot in every aspect of performance transformation for a car, from suspension to engine performance and down to brakes. Perrin specializes in building innovative, reliable and efficient products for Subaru, Scion, and Nissan owners. It offers an extensive selection of the finest upgrades designed to boost performance to a whole new level. Perrin's wide range of top-grade engine parts, exterior and body parts, fuel system parts, steering parts, gauges and accessories, gaskets and hardware is what you need to modify your vehicle to the core and enjoy unforgettable riding experience every time behind the wheel.
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