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PERRIN Cold Air Intake Black

Cold Air Intake Black Subaru Forester XT XT Limited 2.5 XT Sports 2.5 XT 2004-2008 The PERRIN Performance Intake System is designed specifically for each vehicle with mass airflow.
Precision Construction< br /> Our intakes are constructed from aluminum tubing which is precision CNC mandrel bent for consistent and perfect fitting parts. Our MAF sensor bung is CNC machined for perfect fit and alignment of MAF sensor to intake. This is crucial for proper air fuel ratios and ECU engine management.< br /> Sound< br /> With a PERRIN Cold Air Intake system your car will make a throaty, deep tone on throttle that is undeniably modified. You will be able to hear your turbo spooling and hear your blow off valve every time it opens. Even the stock one.< br /> Color Choices< br /> This PERRIN product features a durable powder coat finish. PERRIN powder coating is available in either red or black and are accented with a wrinkled texture finish.< br /> Filter Tech< br /> PERRIN Intake filter elements use open cell foam to capture dust and dirt. Washable and reusable, PERRIN Foam Filter elements can last the life of your vehicle. Foam filter elements offer superior performance with minimal airflow restriction and amazing dust holding capacity.< br />
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