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  1. Griots Garage Lint-Free Towels - 150 Ct
    These towels are made of polypropylene, not paper, leaving behind no lint or glue residue. Their durable surface grabs...
  2. Griots Garage Microfiber Edgeless Towels (Set of 6)
    This versatile workhorse is an all-purpose towel that will be your go-to for quick removal of polish, wax, spray...
  3. Griots Garage Microfiber Plush Edgeless Towels (Set of 6)
    The long, plush nap and edgeless design of these towels ensure nothing but supple microfiber touches your...
  4. Griots Garage PFM Detailing Towels (Set of 3)
    From its overall size to its leading-edge PFM material and innovative long-loop terry weave, this towel will rock your...
  5. Griots Garage PFM Wax Removal Towels (Set of 4)
    Take advantage of PFM's unique microfiber terry weave and cut through wax residue like a hot knife through...
  6. Griots Garage Dual-Weave Interior Towels - 16in x 16in (Set of 3)
    Your first-class interior deserves a first-class towel. Enjoy superior cleaning and surface buffing with these...
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