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Mountune Uprated Air Re-Circulation Valve

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The mountune uprated turbo re-circulating valve (TRV) is a direct replacement for the OE component.
The mountune uprated turbo re-circulating valve (TRV) is a direct replacement for the
OE component.

Machined from solid aluminum with a piston-type design (compared to the OE diaphragm)
the more robust design and material are suitable for vehicles in advanced state of tune.

A diaphragm-design recirculation valve could function less effectively when the
pressure differential across the turbocharger compressor housing is increased above
the original operating conditions. This can cause the valve to open prematurely, leading
to possible turbocharger damage due to increased turbo shaft speed.

During development, with increased boost pressure, compressor-out temperatures were
seen to exceed the safe operating limit of the OE valve. The mountune Mk3 Focus
RS TRV is engineered to withstand much greater temperatures whilst maintaining
performance, making it an essential upgrade for cars running increased boost pressure.


Fits 2016-2017 Focus RS
Mounts directly on OE turbocharger
Easy installation
Suitable for vehicles running increased boost pressure
Higher safe operating temperature
Superior piston type design
Hard anodized for durability
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