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Kraftwerks Replacement Belt - 20mm - '13-'16 BRZ/ FRS/ FT86

Special Order: Quantity of 1 available for arrival here Friday July 8th 2022 at 11:00AM

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13-20 BRZ/ FRS/ FT86 Replacement Belt - 20mm

Kraftwerks Performance Replacement Belt for the First Gen. 20mm Wide Cog Belt found in the '13+ BRZ/ FRS/ FT86 Supercharger Kit.


Supercharger belt replacement is difficult to put on a time/mileage-based schedule due to the wide range of use these kits see. Kraftwerks Performance recommends regular inspection of the belt, the belts' tension, and the drive pulley's ware surface for the longest possible service life that is built into every belt we offer. Remember, when in doubt... replace!!

Proper/ Improper Tension
Alignment/ Misalignment
Temperature Extremes
Environmental Factors - Dirt, Dust, and/ or Debris
Failing Tensioner/ Idler Pulley(s)
Worn Sprockets/ Drive Pulley(s)


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