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Kraftwerks HP Tuners nGauge


HP Tuners nGauge

The nGauge is more than just a powerful gauge!

Think of the nGauge as the automotive enthusiasts best buddy, keep an eye on engine vitals and have multiple tunes/calibrations stored - change your tune with a few swift finger prompts.


  • The nGauge can log hundreds of different engine vitals or parameters, these can then be setup into custom display configurations.
  • Store multiple different calibrations on your device - think of the possibilities, more boost, less boost, throttle opening rates, torque management, E85 fuel, race fuel - the list goes on!
  • Read/Erase Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs).
  • Intergraded and programmable LED shift Light.
  • Color display and easy to use interface.
  • Battery saving technology lets you customize when the device powers up and shuts down.
  • Gives you the ability to load emailed tune files from your tuner, without the use of their HP Tuners MPVI interface.
  • Log up to two auxiliary 0-5v sensors.
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