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GrimmSpeed Top Mount Intercooler Silver

Special Order: Quantity of 13 available for arrival here Friday October 22nd 2021 at 11:00AM

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You probably already know that you want an intercooler with maximum cooling and minimum restriction, but when it comes to selecting the right ‘man for the job.
You probably already know that you want an intercooler with maximum cooling and
minimum restriction, but when it comes to selecting the right ‘man for the job’, we think it’s
important to understand why. As air is pressurized by your turbo, it heats up, not because
of the heat of the turbocharger, but because when they’re compressed, the atoms in the
air are forced closer together and as a result, move faster and have more energy. That
energy manifests itself as heat. The more heat we can remove from the system, the
denser the air becomes and that’s what helps eliminate pre-detonation, or ‘knock’,
allowing for increased output from your system. Your OEM TMIC does just fine at stock
boost under normal use, but as soon as you start putting some real heat into it with
higher boost or harder use, it heat-soaks beyond recovery.

17.5in x 8.7in x 3.5in Cross Flow Core - careful balance of high heat transfer and low
pressure drop
Cast Aluminum End Tanks - machined BPV flange for precision fit and perfect seal
5-Ply Silicone Couplers - custom molded and reinforced for demanding environments
Wide-Mouth Splitter - collects air from the entire width of the scoop
Vibration Isolation Mounting - protect the intercooler system from fatigue due to vibration
Stainless Steel BPV Studs - avoid the risk of damaging fragile aluminum threads
Cleaned, Inspected and Sealed Prior to Shipping - prevent motor damage due to
foreign matter

After testing both Grimmspeed and OEM intercooler, predictably, both intercoolers were
seeing similar Pre-IC temperatures on each run (180-190F peak), but while the
GrimmSpeed Uncoated TMIC kept Post-IC temperatures between 30-40F the entire time,
the OEM TMIC fluctuated between 35-75F. This is the kind of consistent cooling that you
should expect from a high quality TMIC and is a function of the geometry and design of
the bar and plate core. Our high density core has a massive heat transfer surface area
but maintains a large enough cross-sectional flow area that there’s very little added
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