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GrimmSpeed Boost Solenoid

GrimmSpeed Boost Solenoid

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Features and Specifications
The GrimmSpeed BCS is designed to work with your factory computer (requires tuning).

It will not reduce the life of your factory computer because it is designed to draw the

same amount of power as the factory BCS but flows better and reacts faster. It plugs in

and requires no splicing or soldering of resistors. With the included bracket you can bolt

it in, plug in the connector, and start tuning for fast boost response, increased boost

pressure and free up lots of power. Planning on returning the car to stock? Just reverse


Why run an Electronic BCS over a Manual Boost Controller? A MBC allows you to run

higher than stock boost levels by preventing the wastegate from opening at its rated

pressure. It does a great job at this but if boost is available under the MBC setting it will

give you that full boost. So for instance, you set your MBC to 18psi because from

3000-6000rpm that's what you want. But then say you get detonation with 18psi when you

are at 7000rpm unless you are below 16psi. With a MBC, you do not have this control so

you are forced to run 16psi through the entire rev range. With an electronic boost

controller you could run 18psi from 3000-6000 and 16psi at 7000rpm because you can

tune the boost map in the ECU which will allow you to run the maximum amount of boost

at every given rpm. This gives you more power throughout the range and better control.

Revolutionizing the EVO boost solenoid market, we have created model specific install

brackets that allow you to directly fit our Boost Solenoid into your EVO for a factory fit.

No more Zip-tying! We give you the factory fitment you have been waiting for.

Staying with the OEM fitment theme, our Boost Solenoid uses a EVO style wiring

harness so you can simply unplug your OEM solenoid and plug ours in. No more cutting

the oem wiring and crimping wires together!

Also new to the EVO boost solenoid market, we have used ultra low-profile hose fittings

to keep the unit as small and clean as possible. The hose fittings are nickel plated brass

so you don't have to worry about them snapping off like the plastic hose fittings!

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