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Fumoto M20-1.5 Oil Drain Valve

Fumoto M20-1.5 Oil Drain Valve

SKU: FMT F-105

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Features and Specifications

The Fumoto Oil Drain Plug has been designed to make oil changes faster without the

mess by simply flipping the open valve in the drain plug. This is a great option for those

who change the oil on their own and don't want to create a mess on their hands, or on the
driveway. Additionally, you lessen the risk of stripping the threads on the oil pan from

frequent oil changes.

The Fumoto Valve opens by lifting it, then turning it by 90 degrees. And do the reverse

when you need to close the valve. The valve stays locked, and it is double sealed to

prevent leakage, and it can withstand engine vibrations. The Fumoto Valve is fabricated

from forged brass and stainless steel to resist corrosion and to last the lifetime of your


This particular Fumoto Valve comes in the M20-1.5 thread pitch, and will make oil changes

in your car simple and mess free for the rest of your ownership.

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