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Rally Armor 17-18 Subaru Ascent UR Black Mud Flap w/ Red Logo

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Colorway | Black UR Mud Flap Red Logo

4 Premium Polyurethane Flaps
Custom Mounting Hardware
Custom Stainless -Steel Brackets

B9 be gone. Supplanted by the augmented, patently precocious turbocharged Boxer Flat Four equipped Subaru® Ascent, the everyday Brady brood now delights in family forward luxe amenities like 99 cupholders and heaps of legroom - enough for multiples of toddlers with limbs akimbo to swing kick each other as they rumble over Switches® and Fortnite®. Speaking to the active on-the-go family oft found camping, boarding or cycling, suffice it to say that the prototypical Ascent family will ruck amuck weekending in Nature’s hallowed grounds. Rally Armor found a simple and quick solution to the muck with our vetted, not-yet kid tested but certainly Mother and Father approved perfectly pliable poly-UR-ethane Ascent-specific mud flaps.

Easy to install, ever practical when traversing the lakesides, trails, mountains and spendy day camps that claim to socialize and engender higher IQs in 6-year-olds, Subaru owners know a thing or two about practical things. Practical SUV, practical activities and of course… practical protection mud flaps to minimize the scut of their active lifestyles.

Combining springy, resilient polyurethane plastic with a shocking tolerance for freezing conditions to painfully blistering heatwaves that would melt most generic PVC and polyblend plastics, Rally Armor UR mud flaps are the steadied champs in a category all on its own.

Never any drilling, always custom fit, using stainless and plastic retainers to resist galling and rusting, Rally Armor has the ultimate, long-term protection plan for your ever sporty utility vehicle.

Included in 1 Set of Made in the USA Rally Armor Mud Flaps

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Year Make Model Submodel
2019 Subaru Ascent Base
2019 Subaru Ascent Limited
2019 Subaru Ascent Premium
2019 Subaru Ascent Touring