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fifteen52 Integrale Gravel 15x7 5x114.3 15mm ET 56.1mm Center Bore Carbon Grey Wheel


As our lives become inundated with a busy network of computers and emails, people are beginning to yearn for an escape. The outdoors offer a break from the buzz of the city or looming deadlines and as car enthusiasts search for adventure, their commuter cars are faced with a new duty off-road.

With many Subarus now being lifted over knurled tires, fifteen52 developed a wheel rooted in rally racing and adapted for the emerging community of enthusiasts that are hitting the trails. Pulling inspiration from Group B competition and utilizing the fifteen52 Integrale wheel design, the Integrale Gravel is purpose built for the automotive adventurer and promises to endure the toughest terrain and most aggressive use.

The Integrale Gravel is specifically targeted at the Subaru Off-road community. The 15x7 dimensions allow for the higher profile, meatier tires that are desired for off-road use while purposeful engineering ensure that brake clearance would not be an issue. With adventure and performance at the forefront of our mission, we knew the wheel would have to stand up to the abuse, so the Integrale Gravel was engineered and tested to meet the FIA Rally standards. Steel lug inserts increase the load rating and durability while careful design consideration guaranteed that it could withstand the most grueling of motorsports. With both the design aesthetic and functional aspects of a classic rally wheel, the Integrale Gravel will stand out as one of the best options for a Subaru that seeks the outdoors.

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