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Blow Off Valve Recirculation Kits

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  1. GFB Mach 2 Atmosphere Conversion Kit - 2015+ WRX
    Special Price CA$35.09 Regular Price CA$38.99
    If you've purchased T9107 or T9125 and want to upgrade it to a vent to atmosphere BOV, here's the kit you need.
  2. HKS Super SQV3 Valve Recirculation Kit
    Special Price CA$8,159.84 Regular Price CA$9,066.49
    The HKS SSQV Recirculation Kit for the 08-16 STi includes the SSQV recirculation fitting and other vehicle specific...
  3. Turbosmart BOV Kompact Additional Piping
    Special Price CA$26.09 Regular Price CA$28.99
    Use this pipe kit for either TS-0203-1250 or TS-0203-1050 to adapt to suit the BMW Z4. Adapts Turbosmart Plumback or...
  4. TBS TS-0203-3009
    Special Price CA$18.44 Regular Price CA$20.49
    These Turbosmart blow-off valve fittings are designed to fit with your plumb back system, which typically vents excess...
  5. Go Fast Bits Recirculating Outlet Adapter 30mm
    Special Price CA$23.84 Regular Price CA$26.49
    GFB has a large range of different sized screw-on plumb-back (recirc) fittings.
  6. ATP Turbo Billet Diverter Valve Blockoff Plug 1.25in
    Special Price CA$5.84 Regular Price CA$6.49
    This billet plug is used to block off either the inlet or outlet of your diverter valve.
  7. Turbosmart Recirculating Hose Plug 25mm
    Special Price CA$7.64 Regular Price CA$8.49
    These Turbosmart blow-off valve blanking plugs are designed to close off those unwanted hose or blow-off valve ports.
  8. Turbosmart Recirculating Hose Plug 32mm
    Special Price CA$7.64 Regular Price CA$8.49
    This plug is used when installing a fully atmospheric blow off valve on your car. You need to plug the recirculation...
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