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Blow Off Valve Recirculation Kits

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  1. GFB Mach 2 Atmosphere Conversion Kit - 2015+ WRX
    If you've purchased T9107 or T9125 and want to upgrade it to a vent to atmosphere BOV, here's the kit you need.
  2. HKS Super SQV3 Valve Recirculation Kit
    The HKS SSQV Recirculation Kit for the 08-16 STi includes the SSQV recirculation fitting and other vehicle specific...
  3. Turbosmart BOV Kompact Additional Piping
    Use this pipe kit for either TS-0203-1250 or TS-0203-1050 to adapt to suit the BMW Z4. Adapts Turbosmart Plumback or...
  4. TBS TS-0203-3009
    These Turbosmart blow-off valve fittings are designed to fit with your plumb back system, which typically vents excess...
  5. Go Fast Bits Recirculating Outlet Adapter 30mm
    GFB has a large range of different sized screw-on plumb-back (recirc) fittings.
  6. ATP Turbo Billet Diverter Valve Blockoff Plug 1.25in
    This billet plug is used to block off either the inlet or outlet of your diverter valve.
  7. Turbosmart Recirculating Hose Plug 25mm
    These Turbosmart blow-off valve blanking plugs are designed to close off those unwanted hose or blow-off valve ports.
  8. Turbosmart Recirculating Hose Plug 32mm
    This plug is used when installing a fully atmospheric blow off valve on your car. You need to plug the recirculation...
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