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Heat Isolation & Heat Wrap

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  1. DEI Titanium Exhaust / Header Wrap 2in x 50ft
    This is the best exhaust wrap product currently available in the automotive market with the highest thermal ratings...
  2. PTP Turbo Blankets Turbo Blanket Black
    With an outer layer made from silicone impregnated fiberglass, these turbo blankets are internally insulated with high...
  3. PTP Turbo Blankets Turbo Blanket Lava
    The turbo blanket isolates the heat produced by your turbocharger, and prevents that heat from damaging, or even...
  4. SteamSpeed Titanium Turbo Blanket
    SteamSpeed WRX turbo blankets are tailored to fit your stock location Subaru turbocharger. The "Titanium" blankets are...
  5. DEI Stainless Steel Locking Ties 8
    Stainless steel locking ties from DEI are fireproof, rust-resistant, and non-magnetic. They have a melting temperature...
  6. PTP Turbo Blankets Heat Wrap Lava 2in x 50ft
    Thermal insulating tape for winding PTP Turbo Blankets Lava exhaust system.
  7. ProSport Titanium Header Wrap 50ftx2in Roll w/5 Stainless Steel Zip Ties
    Durable, tightly woven and carbon fiber look. Very pliable and easy to install, no need to wet it before wrapping...
  8. Mishimoto Exhaust Heat Wrap 2in x 35ft
    The Mishimoto Exhaust Heat Wrap reduces engine bay temperatures. It can handle direct heat up to 1800°F and radiant...
  9. Thermo Tec Hi Heat Wrap Coating Black
    Use this Hi-Heat wrap coating from Thermo-Tec to finish off a clean and well-protected exhaust insulating wrap...
  10. Thermo Tec Spray-On Adhesive
    Perfect for heavy-duty applications.
  11. DEI Titanium Exhaust / Header Wrap 2in x 15ft
    DEI's Titanium Wrap is extremely durable and capable of handling more heat than any other wrap found in the market...
  12. PERRIN Thermal Blanket Downpipe
    Thermal losses from headers, uppipes, turbine housings, and downpipes cool exhaust temperatures. Thus the exhaust loses...
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