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Cosworth High Volume Intake Manifold

Cosworth High Volume Intake Manifold

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Features and Specifications
The Cosworth Subaru High Volume Inlet Manifold is cast from aluminum featuring large tapered runners with radiused inlets for improved air flow. Plenum volume has been substantially increased and tuned for power. Engineered for easy installation and is the key to making big power.

Cosworth intake manifold flows an average of 478.5 CFM per runner and the stock manifold flows an average of 421.25 CFM per runner. That is about a 13.5% increase over stock. These numbers were measured at 50 inH2O on our flow bench (some people use 28 inches to measure, but 50 inch is a motorsport standard.

The Cosworth manifold made 12-15 hp above 6000 rpm with no sacrifices in response or low end torque on a stock 300hp engine. Same boost level. As boost levels are increased over stock levels, the power gains compared to the stock manifold will be even higher

  • Substantially increased plenum volume

  • Large, tapered runners with radiused inlets

  • Tuned plenum volume and runner length/taper

  • Over 10% increase in flow

  • Integral vacuum manifold for connection of brake booster, boost gauge, MAP sensor, boost controller, etc.

  • Will work with standard or forward mount throttle body configurations

  • Stock throttle body location for compatibility with most aftermarket FMIC kits

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