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Cosworth ECPro Standalone EMS

Cosworth ECPro Standalone EMS

SKU: COS1 30C-550000

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Features and Specifications

If you have invested valuable time, resources, and parts into your latest build, then you should have full control of all the vital components with one of the best standalone systems available on the market today. This is our intricate ECPro Stanalone Engine Management System.
Our Electronics Team has taken the task to develop the Pectel Control Systems along with a compatible harness connector along with a full base calibration which will allow the user to drive to the dyno without having to calibrate a map just for startup. Our ECU has been designed to work with your OEM harness and system integration by plug and play. The base map that is supplied is designed to operate a stock engine without the need to replace the OEM wiring harness or the factory sensors. The backbone of our standalone system employs a 56Mhz MPC565 processor which delivers faster timing accuracy and better control. There are Ethernet comms for quick data offload, and for high-quality viewing on your PC.

Other features include an Integral Logging Memory. This has a pre-configured logging channel at superior rates to promote better performance and diagnostics analysis by your dealer. However the user can define specific logging configurations based on their preference. This standalone comes with a total of 4MB of on board internal memory with up to 2000Hz of logging bandwidth that is available.
This wouldn’t be a standalone system without Knock Monitoring and Control. An advanced knock processing chip offers industry leading advanced knock signal filtration as well as signal processing. This will trigger the OEM MIL lamp indication of the detonation levels based on the user’s defined levels on RPM and Boost.

With the OEM SI Drive switch, users can scroll through calibration select with 3 programmable alternate calibrations. These calibrations include boost, fuel, ignition, rev limit, ALS setting, VCAM target, Fly-By-Wire pedal mapping, and you can even overrun fueling cut-off. And you can use the OEM cruise control to operate the Pectel Anti Lag System.

As far as controlling the external sensors there are analog outputs that include additional pressure transducers. Sensors for temperature, as well as digital inputs can be wired in to the EC Pro for logging additional engine parameters or additional control strategies.
The EC Pro has closed loop boost control. You also have the option of open loop boost control with the PID parameters and the solenoid duty cycle map. More importantly, thie EC Pro has external wideband support, and is compatible with most wideband units with 0-5V of analog input. Internal wideband support is available through the use of the Pectel NTK sensor which requires 3 extra populations and 2 pins getting relocated. Variable CAM and full pre-configuration of dual AVCS camshaft support is available, and for those who plan on employing any type of motorsports dash can do so with the external comms support.

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