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Cosworth Engine Bearings Main Bearing Set +2

Engine bearings are crucial for the engine to perform effectively.
Engine bearings are crucial for the engine to perform effectively. During the upgrade process, this vital component is rarely the first choice. Generating less heat, a higher performing, multi-layer engine bearing will simply perform better. Our uniquely designed, Main Bearing Set combines design, metallurgy, and engineering to provide continuous performance under the most extreme conditions.

All main bearings come with a hardened steel backing with an increased crush for better retention, tight, consistent wall tolerances for a precision fit and a 3/4in grooving to provide optimal oil supply. With each set, the reduced thickness of the high strength overlay plate allows for better oil control creating less friction allowing for more heat transfer eliminating flash plating.

The bearings come in three different sizes to provide optimal engine performance. Formerly known as "RACE", the size 2 bearing allows for .025mm or .001 more oil clearance than the size 1 bearing. Size 0 will provide .025 or .001" less clearance than the size 1 bearing also formerly known as the "STD". Unfortunately, we do not offer the undersized ground crankshaft bearings at this time.

Mixing and matching the bearing half-shells will provide incremental changes in the amount of oil clearance. Measuring the bearing clearances is crucial prior to selecting the appropriate bearing size to ensure optimal performance.

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Year Make Model Submodel
2013 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution GSR
2013 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution MR