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Company23 Anti-Surge Boost Control Solenoid

Company23 Anti-Surge Boost Control Solenoid

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Features and Specifications

Game changing boost control for turbocharged Subarus utilizing patent pending electronic anti-surge technology

Eliminates common and annoying internal and external wastegate flutter!

Allows tuners to more precisely create your boost curve (increasing spool and horsepower) by not detuning your car to eliminate boost oscillation

The top Subaru tuners have proven the benefits of the Company23 anti-surge boost control solenoid on stage 2 cars up to 650whp track beasts!

As simple to tune as a basic 3-port boost control solenoid. Very tuner friendly!

Easy installation with included OEM quality mounting brackets and electrical connectors"Plug and tune" for all Subaru models!

CNC machined and anodized 6061 aluminum housing is completely sealed for a lifetime of use

Boost conroller uses a custom 3-port solenoid designed by Company23 and manufactured by MAC

6mm(1/4") CNC machined hose fittings

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