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COBB Tuning XLE Bypass Valve

COBB Tuning XLE Bypass Valve

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Features and Specifications
The COBB XLE BPV is a compact and lightweight by-pass valve is capable of holding very

high boost pressure without leaking and its unique design allows extremely fast venting of

boost when actuated. It is designed to operate in multiple venting modes and can be quickly

reconfigured using simple hand tools. Innovative engineering and precision manufacturing

result in a compact package able to fit in the confines of a tight engine bay.

The XLE BPV supports three operating modes: full recirculation back into the intake tract,

hybrid mode venting to the intake track and atmosphere and full atmospheric with all air

vented to atmosphere. The spring preload adjuster allows fine tuning of the pressure

required to open the valve. Operating mode and spring preload are both adjustable using

simple hand tools.

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