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Cavalli Turbo Stage 4 Ball Bearing Turbo

Cavalli Turbo Stage 4 Ball Bearing Turbo


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Features and Specifications
Cavalli turbo designed this WRX/STI drop-in turbo in house from the ground up. They

have applied their Patented Triplex Ceramic Ball Bearing Billet turbo technology to this

Direct Replacement Drop-In Turbo. Their Stage 3 and Stage 4 WRX/STI turbos utilize a 3

inch compressor cover inlet. This may require some modifications to the up pipe bolt

holes and/or turbo bracket to be able to clear the 3¨ intake pipe (they have tested it with

the Perrin 3¨ inlet pipe) at the TGV. You may need to trim the outer TGV housing slightly.

This is a tight fit for the intake pipe and the silicone will be pinched a little to fit. This is

normal. They are packing a lot of power in a small space. They chose a 62mm inducer/

62mm exducer for their Stage 3 application for enthusiasts who are looking for up to a

90% increase in power. It is recommend to use of 1000cc injectors for 91/93 octane

and 1300cc for E85 applications. They utilize a Turbosmart wastegate actuator to help

stabilize boost on this high boost application. They do not recommend large diameter

aftermarket exhaust manifolds/headers as a diameter over 1.25" drastically reduces

exhaust energy and will move the power band to a normally less than desirable range

for a street driven car.

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