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Brian Crower BC6325 - Toyota B58B30 - MOAR I-Beam w/ARP Custom Age 625+ Fasteners



The BC ProH625+ H-Beam design connecting rod is the premier industry connecting rod. Incorporating ARP's ultimate fastener, the Custom Age 625+, rated to 280,000 p.s.i., the BC ProH625+ delivers the ultimate clamping ability at high horsepower and rpm. This rod is intended for the true hardcore enthusiast and racer and is rated in excess of 250HP per cylinder.


The BC ProH2K H-Beam design connecting rod incorporates every feature of the premier BC ProH625+ rod, only that the fasteners have been changed to the more economical, yet venerable ARP2000 bolt, rated to 220,000 p.s.i. The ProH2K standard weight rod is rated in excess of 175HP per cylinder and priced for the everyday performance buff.


BC offers an I-Beam style connecting rod for those who prefer that traditional design over the H-Beam style. The I-Beam is a proven configuration that is very popular among the forced induction crowd and offers added beam clearance for stroker applications. Features ARP2000 bolts standard, ARP 625+ Custom Age bolts are available as an upgrade for an additional cost, that’s BC’s I-Beam Extreme.

The "MOAR" (Mother Of All Rods) Series connecting rod from Brian Crower is what a connecting rod would look like when taking input from the top engine builders and tuners in the industry. The MOAR Series is approximately 50 grams heavier than the industry proven ProH Series design. The I-Beam design allows added beam to cylinder wall clearance for stroker applications. Radiused edges for added rigidity, ARP Custom Age 625+ fasteners for premium clamping ability, added material near the pin end to insure true pin end roundness.
C-to-C 5.8346"
BE Bore 2.1102"
BE Width 0.9402"
PE Bore 0.8661"
PE Width 0.8228"
Gram Wt 680
Torque Specs 50 ft lbs - 3/8"

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