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Blitz Damper ZZ-R Spec-DSC - 2015+ WRX

Full length adjustable, single cylinder type, up to 96 stages damping force adjusting adopted type of vehicle only damper kit by the electronic control
Full length adjustable, single cylinder type, up to 96 stages damping force adjusting adopted type of vehicle only damper kit by the electronic control. Reasonable while adopting a number of such as aluminum parts, lightweight and high strength.
You can freely change the damping force from car controller (96/64/32 out from selectable). Use the stepping motor, achieve a comfortable ride and a finer set-up of up to 96 stages.
Two control method for a four-wheel independent control in addition to the right and left simultaneously controllable selection. In addition, you can store the settings to five modes according to preference.
Compact and adopt a stylish controller that does not choose the mounting location. By inputting the vehicle speed signal, equipped with "highway mode" to switch the damping force. In accordance with the high-speed driving, to switch the damping force mode at a vehicle speed that is set. Touch-BRAIN (sold separately: code No.15158) in cooperation with, the signal at the input is also easily possible.
To celebrate the release, we will implement the "SpecDSC version-up campaign" currently "DAMPER ZZ-R" to the use of customers. Along with the overhaul, you can upgrade to SpecDSC.
The Full-length Adjustable
By simplifying the structure, mainly it has been adopted at a reasonable damper "screw" is, or Asobase the spring when the vehicle height adjustment, it is necessary to adjust, such as applying a preload (shrink). These adjustment method, ride comfort of deterioration or bottom with, was what trouble such as abnormal noise is likely to occur. DAMPER ZZ-R adopts "full length adjustable" is possible to adjust the overall length of the shock absorbers independently of the spring. This is possible vehicle height adjustment without changing the stroke amount, you do not need to worry about the trouble, such as with a bottom.
Of course, the conventional screw type Similarly, since the adjustment of vehicle height adjustment and preload in the expansion and contraction of the spring is possible, you can use further tailored to the situation.
Structure and benefits of the full-length adjustable
Vehicle height adjustment of the full-length adjustable is done up and down the locked position of the lower bracket portion (B). When the position of B is increased, so the overall length of the shock absorber (total length) is shorter, it is a mechanism that the vehicle height is reduced by that amount. Even if the total length adjustment formula to lower the vehicle height, there is no change at all to the length of the spring (A). That stroke amount since the (movable range) does not change, the ride comfort of the change while kept to a minimum, you can achieve the Lowdown.
*direct translation from Blitz japan
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2015-2017 Subaru WRX Blitz Damper ZZ-R Spec-DSC
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