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AutoMeter Gauges 2-1/16" OIL TEMP, 100-300 °F, AIR-CORE, AIRDRIVE, BLACK

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Autometer Gauges - Air Drive Series

AutoMeter AirDrive analog gauges wirelessly pull information from your vehicle's OBDII port—and the readouts are precise and accurate! Available in black and silver, these unique gauges are controlled through the WiFi OBD-II module (sold separately), and offer hassle-free installation, plus customized lighting in 256 color options. You'll have the qualities you need in high performance gauges—warnings, peak recall, and full-control features that allow you to make gauge control secondary functions. These instruments are available for a variety of data, including oil and water temperature, air/fuel ratio, boost/vacuum, and oil, fuel, and boost pressure. It's a new, modern, and wireless world. Get up-to-the-minute style and function with AutoMeter AirDrive analog gauges. 
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