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AEM Standalone EMS Series 2

AEM Standalone EMS Series 2

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Features and Specifications

AEM's Series 2 EMS is a complete engine control system that plugs into the factory harness and uses the factory sensors. This means you do not need to replace any parts of the harness or sensors, just plug the EMS into the harness and begin tuning. The Series 2 EMS for the S2K is a parallel system that works in conjunction with the factory ECU and allows you to control every aspect of your F22 from VTEC to rev limit, timing, bigger injectors, boost control, nitrous injection, and individual cylinder fuel and timing trims. For drag racers there's even anti-lag. The Series 2 for the S2000 even lets you keep the stock coolant temperature gauge. Professional tuners will appreciate the ease of use and security features on AEM Tuner, the interface software for all Series 2 EMS systems. This EMS plugs directly into a vehicle's factory ECU harness and requires no additional wiring or hardware.

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